Macy’s One Day Sale! I hate Macy’s

So my first experience with getting treatment at Mt Sinai is like a Macy’s One Day Sale (thank you DO for the Macy’s analogy).

I have an 1130 appt and I’m there, labs already done, at 1125. At 1235 I said forget this, let’s get my Zometa treatment done first since DrJ was behind schedule. I asked if I needed my paperwork to go over to the treatment area and they said, no just give your name.

Of course when I got there three people asked for my piece of paper!!! Then they couldn’t find my chart – that’s because it was still over at the Dr’s area. Rather than wait, I went and got the chart.

Now it’s sitting in a file sorter, initially alone, and now pushed behind by 6 other charts.

I hate “Macy’s”. I miss my boutique!

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