Mackay Idaho to Colorado – Opening Day of Antlered Deer Season in Wyoming – October 15 2012

Went to Sammy’s at o’dark thirty to say good-bye to my father before Jane Koeckeritz and I headed to Colorado this morning in Bart (2006 Honda Pilot). We departed Mackay at 5:45 AM
I got stopped for speeding in Blackfoot, Idaho, but was only given a warning – 56 in a 40 mph zone. I wasn’t in a hurry, but distracted talking to Jane. The officer was very nice. At least I had the current registration and insurance cards in the car.
Then, in Wyoming at mile marker 88 on US 30 just beyond Kemmerer, Wyoming (my Kemmer’s namesake) we had the scare of our lives. A LOUD BANG – and I mean LOUD. We had been shot on opening day of antlered deer season in Wyoming in the right lower side of the windshield. We were the only car on the road for miles – so, it was not a rock chip.

We decided to call 911 and report it since a bullet can travel up to 2 miles and others might be at risk. The 911 operator said, “Well it is opening day of hunting, but they are not suppose to shoot toward the highway”!