M.F.K. Fisher

I just finished reading the newly released ‘The Theoretical Foot’ by MFK Fisher. It has just been published although she wrote it many years ago. The manuscript was found in her editors’ things after he died.

She lived not that far from here in Glen Ellen, California. ( where lots of wine is made and beautiful vineyards everywhere).

This book is  historical fiction and is based on her relationship with Dillwyn Parrish. It takes place in Switzerland around 1938( I think). He bought an old farm and restored the farmhouse. Here in this particular summer, family comes to visit and MFK does a lot of cooking.  It’s here at the end of the summer that Dillwith has his first tragic medical crisis and eventually loses his leg. He is diagnosed with Buerger’s disease. It is an interesting story filled with intriguing characters.

It is a complex book with different characters ‘speaking’ in the story.  I enjoyed it for the most part becauseI love ‘looking into the lives of other people and how they lived.