Lytic lesion right femur update 2

Update 2 on lytic lesion right femur from myeloma.
Last week I had an appointment with orthopedics to discuss bone progress and to x-ray the leg.
The rod and pins are all stable.
The myeloma lesion has not reduced; it seems to have increased slightly. As I am only 3 weeks into treatment for myeloma (Rev-lite trial) there is some catch up on lesion/myeloma reduction to go there. I did not expect the lesion to reduce the day treatment started. The bone doctor is reporting back to my Haematologist on this.
Next week I have an appointment for the completion of the first cycle of the Rev-lite trial where I can quiz my Haematologist on all those matters.
I am making good progress with leg strengthening and walking around the home with the big walker. I can put more weight on the leg now.
Next goal is to drive the car. To qualify I have to get in and out of the car, start and run the car (it’s an automatic) and be able to walk a reasonable distance.
Now I’m getting all excited!