Loving the Sunshine

Wow, isn’t it amazing how some sunshine can make all the difference to your take on life. After 5 or 6 days of it now, I feel significantly more positive and seem to walk around with much more of a smile on my face which is great.

We had a busy weekend catching up with family and friends. Whilst it’s sometimes sad not to be at home able to get things straight, it was lovely in that it gave me a chance to rest a bit, not have to cook, and be able to just chill out. I had an awful night of coughing last night, but then slept till nearly midday today (with a slight gap in the middle to get the kids ready for school!), followed by 2 hours of reading in bed. Lazy….absolutely! But totally blissful and I feel much better for it.

It has been really nice to have a bit of a break from the ball, although I have to say, I’m totally inspired with it at the moment after a VERY successful Friday. I had managed to get myself an invite to the Handy Croissant Networking group up at Handy Cross, in High Wycombe. The idea is that it was a guest session, but that everyone there, guests and members, pitch for 60 seconds, and at the end get referrals. It works brilliantly, and I have to say that I keep thinking of how some of the businesses there could really help people I know. But better than that, was the fact that loads of the people there were really keen to help me and the ball. I was pretty gobsmacked as I’d thought beforehand that I’d be pleased if I got one person interested in helping. And I was SO SO SO nervous. I really don’t like public speaking at all, so standing up in front of 30+ professionals who I thought could be really disinterested, was turning my stomach upside down.

But they couldn’t have been nicer. They even gave a little clap when I sat down….made me cry of course! But more importantly, I have had quite a few of them offer to help/ offer raffle prizes/ auction prizes and one of the companies is even considering whether they can help with the sponsorship side of things. Wow. I’ve also been asked to a couple more similar breakfast meetings so I’ll definitely try to get to those as, like I had hoped, they get me access to people who normally wouldn’t talk to me if I walked into their offices. Hopefully some of the promises will come good too :-) As an aside, if any of you in the HW area are thinking about networking, I would definitely recommend you taking a look at www.handycroissant.com.

Right better go….need to go and tolerate the sauna conditions at the kids swimming lesson now!!