Love Cats? The Holiday Cure

Have a sneak peak at my Mortmain dress :)
It is still bristling with an armoury of pins but I should finish it in another hour or so…
except I don’t have a spare hour right now.
So much for my plans for posing by the holiday house piano in my finished dress!

It was a grey and rainy day on our last day in Ullapool:  perfect sewing weather!
I spent the whole afternoon at my sewing machine, listening to podcasts as I stitched.
FL surprised me by settling down in front of the tv to watch a film.  Daytime tv?!  Whatever next!

I caught this sneaky picture of him yesterday, wearing my Lonely Tree Shawl :)
Mr “Scarves are for Wimps” has not taken it off since I draped it round him the other day.  Ha!
He has developed a whole vocabulary of shawl styling for himself.
This evening he was working a bit of a Cary Grant look, with it tucked into the neck of his sweater, which was in turn tucked into his belted chino-esque trousers.  Sadly, I have no photo to prove it… and he would deny any attempt at “fashion”… but I was there and I saw it!
It has been a lovely relaxing holiday.

Where we stayed

We didn’t attempt any sightseeing or days out.
And I think we are both feeling a bit better for having done nothing much for a week.
Home again tomorrow.
And a finished dress soon!