Lost Connection

Well, I’ll start with saying I’m fine – as that’s probably what most people are looking to see or hear.  It’s bizarre, as I look at my last post being February, how easy it is to forget to update things.  Thanks to a reader who happened on one of my posts I’ve looked at my blog and realized 1) that I am not keeping in touch and confirming with everyone that I’ve not fallen off the radar and 2) that I’ve kept with the goal of my blog (as stated in the header) of this being my place to say what I want when I want (even if that when is separated by numerous months!

I’m monthly at the hospital to check my bloodwork and they’ve rolled out that really cool MyChart by Epic – which never gets updated and never really gives me anything I need – BUT IT’S GOT GREAT POTENTIAL!  The only other update is my NP, a good friend who made sure I was always taken care of, has left for another hospital and a different doctor – that’s a bummer.  I need to see Dr J and I also need to schedule my visit to DFCI.  I’m on cycle 31 of my maintenance revlimid so we’ll see what happens next.  Everything seems to be normal except I’m too busy, the summer is almost over and I can’t keep up with my kids (they’re getting too old way too quick).

Thanks again to everyone reading!