Looks Like Cosmic Wonder Dust

It has been a week since I last wrote.

Everything is fine here – I am knitting away and have a single (Pavilion) sock to show for it.
And I really need to finish my latest Vintage Fremont so I can move on.  Those rows are getting ridiculously long.
I topped up my supply of yarn for the Mystery Crochet Blanket and  have been curled up in my nest with a podcast in my ear while I hook my way round and round in ever increasing squares.
FL is doing OK – still on Pomalidomide, with the offer of another blood transfusion this coming week if his haemoglobin continues its downward spiral.  But he is (touch wood) clear of infections and his jaw has settled down again.

On Friday night, we went out to the theatre!
No, seriously, I’m not pulling your leg – we really did.
We went into the city to see a touring production of West Side Story.  It was hard to set aside my over-critical eye, and I think FL was taken aback by the details that bothered me:  that the male and female leads were singers but not dancers (at all – no attempt was made at movement); that the male dancers were probably not ballet-trained and lacked upper-body strength;  that too much of the singing was coming from the throat instead of the diaphragm;  and that I could spot the joins between set piece rehearsals.
Yeah… you’re probably a bit pissed with me too for those comments.
This is Aberdeen.  I should be grateful they came here at all.
Moving on…

I made some purchases.
Miss verykerryberry was singing the praises of Japanese double gauze, and a few web-wanderings later, I found this amazing teal splotchy Nani Iro print at Guthrie and Ghani.  Inevitably, I took the opportunity to buy some Atelier Brunette cotton lawn in the Hirondelle design while I was there.
I am a bit grumpy with myself for buying more fabric when I haven’t done anything to reduce my stash… like, you know, actual sewing, but I hope this will inspire me to get stitching.

 And there is some new yarn too…
This is Colinette Cadenza in the Paint Box colourway, discovered in Oyne.
Listen, if you knew how much I was lusting after the vastly-more-expensive Madelinetosh Cosmic Wonder Dust colorway, you would totally understand why I couldn’t walk away from it!
What’s it for?
Probably some crochet mitts… or even the Blue Notes cowl?
Hmmm- yes I think that might be just the thing!
Crochet – it’s the new knitting, dontcha know?