Looks like a go for this Monday!

Today, we went to Princess Margaret Hospital for a visit to see if Tony’s blood work was good to go to begin his 2nd round of Dpace Chemo.
Hemoglobin improved by 2 points over the past 7 days.  Still good.
White cell count was good, along with all his other numbers.
Last Friday he began his once a week shot of Eprex, to stimulate his hemoglobin counts.  We are not 100% sure, but either the after effects of the Neupogen or Eprex, has given him pain in one knee, one elbow, one wrist, one ankle and one toe…..Doesn’t feel like gout.  Could be bone pain from the needles I just mentioned.  Odd that it’s all joint areas.  His knee was the most obvious with swelling and very warm to the touch.
He’s also developed a very runny nose.  They took a nose and phlegm sample for testing.  In the meantime, they have given him antibiotics.  They requested an x-ray of his chest as well.  (results are negative)
We had a new doctor visit with him today instead of Dr. C.  He listened to his lungs and felt for the tumors in his abdominal area and cannot feel anything there.  Perhaps he wasn’t pressing enough? Oh, never mind because we are going with he didn’t feel anything.
Andrew, the Stem Cell Transplant Coordinator says things look great to begin this Monday with his 4 day cycle once again.  I’m glad and sad.  It’s been an awesome 7 days with no doctors, appetite is back and his good old “Tony attitude” is back too.  Oh well.  He can do this again!  He can!  Me too!
Oh, and a CT scan has been booked for mid December to see how those tumors are doing and then he should be ready for Transplant!
Transplant?  Can it be?  A wonderful Christmas gift for Tony?
I believe!
Update on my mom:
Yesterday, she had a biopsy done to help determine the type of cancer she has.
We are looking for a full time live in caregiver. (message me if anyone knows of anyone available)
She gets released in a couple of days and Tony begins chemo on Monday.
It’s going to be a challenging few weeks for our family.
Continue to keep us in your prayers.
May God bless you all.