Lookin’ fancy

It’s time for another fancy outfit from my past.
My grandma used to buy matching dresses for my sister and me all the time. As I look through old photos, I think my sister and I should go back to wearing matching dresses, because we looked fabulous. I was completely aware that I looked fabulous, too. Just look at the expression on my face. Not even the purple yarn on my head could distract from my feelings about my fabulous gown.
Dang! I know I look GOOD.

I don’t know what was in those tiny presents, but my sister looks pretty excited. That gray lump that I’m holding? That was my stuffed dog, Toto*, who started out as a white dog but turned into a gray dog because I carried him everywhere. I think I took him to college with me.
*What else did you expect me to name a dog? Even a white dog?