Look at me…

…Ok  it’s not the most flattering photo of me, but this is my new bicycle kindly donated by our good friend, the retired vicar in the village, Patrick. Well to be fair this was his wife’s bike and she kindly gave the go ahead, so a big THANK YOU to her. Riding it back home I was a little bit wobbly, but I think I shall soon get the hang of it. I can’t wait to be able to ride it along the riverside of one of the places recommended to us in France by John and Kath, who visited us over the weekend.

Colin and I are getting quite excited about our holiday and I am especially looking forward to meeting up with my Uncle Jeremy and his beautiful wife, in Bordeaux. We will also have fun travelling along and meeting up with our best friends at the various Aires we have plotted to stop off at along the way.

We have had a lovely weekend spending most of our Saturday with Jem and Elliot. The fields around us have all now been harvested and we watched them being harrowed, Elliot was most excited about the big tractor.
Both Colin and I were pretty exhausted by the end of the day and we were just about the close down the hatches and settle in for the evening when I received the text for help from my sister. She and a small group of men and boys had been bailing down on the farm and all the bails needed collecting and storing correctly. This is no easy task having been involved with it, in previous years, but Colin and I got off lightly by just cooking the supper for the hungry workers.
Sunday was a little quieter with a ride in a friends 2CV which was quite an experience.
So this morning I am back to work. I am trying hard to get into the routine of a couple of hours in the morning but even that I am finding quite taxing. I am starting to wonder how I ever managed to do 40+ hour week? I am not doing too well so far as I am not even dressed yet and look at the time, it’s already nearly 10am!
I had better get on with it as there is the dog to walk and a big pile of ironing to get through too.

Take it easy good friends as you never know what’s just around the corner, for us it may well be an enormous tractor filling the entire country lane, and driving too fast could literally be fatal.

Appreciate every moment you have and give thanks for these, which reminds me I haven’t filled in my entry on the daily appreciation Facebook page yet. So much to do and so little time, now I know why retired folk say they are always so busy and they wonder how they managed to fit work in.

Now I am just delaying myself further!

Got to go

Deborah x