Long Time…. But Harvesting We Go!

Well it’s been a minute my fellow MM’s. I’ve been feverishly working, whether on my
9-5, side projects, and event planning as Executive Director of my heart Mae’s Breath Foundation.
I’ve been doing the meds thing, and my stomach shows the after affect of those painful $%7 Bortezomib or better known Velcade shots. It’s amazing ….  take a shot today and 5 days later I look down at my stomach to see a strange birthmark-like mark appear- yet everyone says it’ll go away eventually… yeah right -like my chest radiation scar that took like 5 years or so to finally disappear… sought of!


The good news I suppose is my cancer and the recent yet current meds has brought me to 90% remission. I started treatment in October of 2014 and here it is March 2015, and in these short months my IGA level has dropped from 7000 (Not Good) to 400 (Very Good). I can’t say I’m totally ecstatic because we all know how this cancer works… or do we? I’m happy my numbers are going down but a cancer survivor is always looking over his/ her shoulder because this thing can show the fool at any minute! However, I leave it in God’s hands as usual to get me through this, plus I did say 90% and not 100% and my Dr., is pushing for that 100%. I say all this to say … harvesting or to harvest has been discussed. Harvest my cells that are doing great to redistribute in the case I turn to the left down the line. I’ve made my own decision earlier on not to go through with SCT (Stem Cell Transplant), but for my husband’s sake and the push of my medical team I have agreed to atleast harvest (store) in the case I change my mind or life changes it for me. I’ve got 10 years to think about it, as that’s how long it can be stored.


I met my nurse Marlene this week to sign and initial my life on educating me on the process and meeting the Apheresis team… yeah I had to look that one up too! Anyway, this team will do the actual harvest in about 2 weeks – basically draining my blood in getting access to the goods cells to harvest all while returning my blood  back into my system (something like that), that will one day if at all save my life, or give me a few years. It’s the most amazing yet scariest ^#$%#87 ever!
Now readers my worrisome is not about the harvest so much – it’s about the big %#$$%76
18 gauge needle they’ll needle to stick in my neck to apply a port. LIKE WTF IS HAPPENING!
More pain and uncomfortable situations, more questions, more wonder of what this side effect will do. I’m so tired and want my old life back, but do I? Some aspects I suppose, but these life occurrences just show and remind us just how short life really is and as I always say… live it!

I’ll keep you abreast of the results folks!