Loads of dosh

Well I’m sitting here pretty exhausted after the most amazing weekend ever. I’d written before that I was doing a Craft Fair and Tabletop sale at the weekend and it is now over. I am so so chuffed as the team and I (and god was it a good team!) have made over £1700, and the money keeps dribbling in!! Considering last year we made £450 (and thought that was good!), this was just the most amazing total.

There were 3 of us planning the event, all of us bringing different strengths to it. And then on the day, I can’t believe the support we had from my family, the families of the other two lovely ladies helping me, and my friends. It is just lovely to know that people will do that for a charity. And as much as the people who helped man the stalls, make teas and coffee and clear up, I was gobsmacked at the number of people that actually made the effort to come to the event. We don’t know exact numbers, but think that we probably had between 2-300 adults and kids on top of that!!!! Friends came for miles to support us and that means loads to us. You really start to get a feel for who your friends are and who will go out of their way to help. And even those who couldn’t make it were great at buying online raffle tickets and  donating prizes and items to sell. Fantastic.

There was such a lovely feel to the day and I think that was because loads of the people who came knew each other, either through school, through my family or from other events. But what was also lovely was that we also met a couple of other MM patients. I didn’t know they were coming but I think that the advertising pulled them in and I am so pleased. I always love to meet other people who are going through it….not that it is nice knowing that someone else is unfortunate enough to have MM, but because it is nice to have other people that I can support, and that hopefully will support me. It is also always interesting to hear other people’s stories.

One of the couples I met had experienced the same situation that I had with regards to Wycombe hospital and the staff there. They had been really unhappy with the advice etc and funnily enough, also went to the Marsden and are having treatment there under the same consultant as me! Small world!!

Anyway, I’m still clearing up from the sale, but at the same time, trying to plan in the Glitz and Glamour Ball that we will be holding in November 2012! It will either be on the 10th or the 17th November (and we’re aiming for the 10th!) so pencil those dates into your diary if you are interested in a fab night out in aid of…..guess who….Myeloma UK!!!