Living strong today

And everyday! I’m finally feeling like things are getting back to “normal” now that the intensive part of treatment is over. My hair is growing like crazy and I started back to work this past week. I’m on a rehabilitative status for now (24 hours per week) at least until I get settled in to maintenance therapy. I should be getting started with that next week. I was waiting for my Revlimid proscription to be processed. Since it is teratogenic (causes birth defects) it is very tightly regulated and they needed two negative pregnancy tests 10-14 days apart before it could go through. The specialty pharmacy called me on Friday though and it should be coming early this week. Thankfully my insurance is covering the cost and my copay will only be $25 per month. The actual cost for a months supply is over 7K! Considering I will be on it for the next 3 years, $25 is much easier to handle. ;p