Living on borrowed time

End of April I wrote about my thick leg. My leg had become dangerously thick because the lymph fluids were blocked by a blast. A radiation did the trick and until this past weekend my leg had its normal proportions.  On of my biggest fears was this to happen again.

Alas I must report that this weekend the thickness came back. I called the hospital on Monday and had an intake on the very next day. Tomorrow, Friday, I will have my radiotherapy. This is really unbelievable the speed in which this is delivered. I even had a consultation with my hematologist, on her her first day at work after her holiday. Heartwarming.

The CT-scan showed a blast on the inside of right thigh. Fortunately a spot that has not been radiated before and doesn’t  contain any critical organs.

We are very aware of the fact that I live on borrowed time. No more medication. But this radiotherapy will hopefully prevent a crisis-situation. Within my reality this is good news.