little troubles

Little troubles do come my way every now and then. But really it has been quite some time since some kind of trouble appeared in the horizon.
Looking back, it was not so bad, but it did take time to resolve, at least for one of them.

I slipped on the kitchen floor one morning. I was in a bit of a hurry and walked too fast. I was holding a bowl of cereal and the milk spilled, and I slipped. Miraculously, I did not drop the bowl, I did not injure my back or joints. I actually felt going down in slow motion and landed on my left well-padded bum (after years of dexa). I am very thankful to GOD for the protection. A couple of reminders for me : now that I am much stronger and feel better, I forget to be that extra careful. I think my vision is not that great so I did not notice that momentary spillage. Finally, I just replaced my indoor slippers with a size too big…. from a small to a medium. It probably was the main cause of the incident. That pair of indoor slippers have been binned and I got myself another withe right size.
So I am again reminded that despite a higher sense of well-ness, I am still vulnerable. Don’t walk too fast, don’t forget to keep high hygiene – frequent hand wash, wear face mask in crowded places etc.

The next little trouble took a rather longer time to resolve. I had a dental crown done and while the doctor and nurse had on gloves and masks, I think that my lower lip was traumatised. Soon after, I developed a viral wart on the lip. Not knowing what it was, I quietly bore with it for a month thinking that it may heal on its own, before seeing some doctors.  After several consultations and application of anti-bacterial cream switched to anti-viral cream, it was decided the best option is to excise it! Ouch, ouch, ouch… just thinking about it makes my hair stand. But when all agreed it was the right thing to do, I immediately subject myself to the surgeon’s knife – it took only a few minutes under local anaesthetic. It was certainly not a pleasant healing process with fat lip for a week and eating soft food. And even after the stitches were removed and it was slow in coming together…why… I could feel some remnant knot left…argh. The doctor was away for a week and I away for a few days after. Finally the last stitch came off 2 days ago and the wound has closed up.
It has been quite eventful but thankfully I was able to go for a 3-day church camp, no problem with eating and talking. Praise the LORD!

And more than that, I just started on Pomalyst 2mg, a week ago and was not sure what kind of side effects I may have. With much prayers, I was up and about without fatigue through the 3 days. Even on my regular weekly dexa “off day”, I was not feeling “off” at all! I attribute this to prayers and GOD’s grace.  I am amazed.
“Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to the Him and praise His name.” Psalm 100:4