List for Living – time for an update

I wrote my List for Living  a number of years back now, and it’s amazing to think how it has dated already. I’ve already decided that I hate the title of it….it sounds a bit…..well, not sure of the right word to use as everything I can think of isn’t particularly polite! Naff is the acceptable word I suppose! So anyone who wants to come up with suggestions for me for a title that isn’t a ‘bucket list’ or a ‘list for living’ is very welcome!

But also, there are a number of things on it now where they may end up being the norm…and that’s great….I don’t want to be living every day worrying about my myeloma and I don’t think that I do anymore which is brilliant. To be honest, in some ways it even sounds slightly attention seeking to even have such a list, but it does focus me on making sure that Nick and I do some of the things that we want to do together and individually.

This past week or so, I’ve started thinking about it again. As many of you know, I’ve taken a year out of fundraising for Myeloma UK, after a year that was very heavily focused on it. But I’ve realised that I’m not necessarily making the most of my year out. And if there is ever a time to do it, it’s in a year where I have turned 40 and Nick is soon to turn 40….whenever else do you get an excuse to do some different, some lavish things, that you wouldn’t otherwise do! I’m also getting twitchy about not fundraising so need to find other things to do that stop me thinking about it so much…I’m already starting to think about sponsored activities for 2016!

I think that one of the things that made me rethink it recently was that we went to Romania for half-term. We were so lucky to stay with a lovely friend of Nick’s. She drove us all over Romania making sure that we saw all of the amazing sites, ate traditional Romanian food, and drank their wonderful wine! For once we actually took the digital SLR with us, and I spent some time playing around with it, trying to get better at my photograpy. I’m not hugely creative so it isn’t a natural thing for me, but as it is one of the things on my list, it made me think that I really need to sort out lessons! Also, Rebecca really enjoyed taking photographs too….the one of the sunset is hers! So perhaps we can find somewhere we can do classes together!

Breakfast in Albota
Fishing in Albota
The mountains at Albota
The mountains
The Danube Delta
Rebecca & Sam
Not arguing!
Water lilies at the Danube Delta
Water lilies
Wild horses in the Delta
Rebecca's Sunset


So, I’m going to be taking a look at this list over the next few weeks and trying to get friends to get involved with me….don’t be surprised if I ask you!