Life in the hands of a computer!!

What a nervous morning! First of all I was waiting and waiting until I felt I could call the registrar at the hospital to find out about the outcome of their meeting. Finally at nearly 11am I called her and she told me that they had decided the bone marrow biopsy wasn’t as bad as they had first thought and that I had achieved a 15% remission, therefore classed as a partial remission, and so would go through to the randomisation.

So then I called my trial nurse, who is lovely too (aren’t they all at the Marsden!), to ask if she had done that, and whether it would be possible to call me once she had. She was so great, and had been just about to do the randomisation anyway, so told me that she would call me back once the results had come back…apparently they have to call up, and then the results are faxed to them!

So the outcome is……..drum roll……VELCADE! :-)

I’m pretty happy about that as I think I would have always looked back otherwise if the transplant hadn’t worked well and wondered ‘what if…’ So remind me of that when I’m moaning about the side effects of the velcade! Also, life gets easier for Nick at work over the summer months, so that means he will be more relaxed about it all – another positive!

Anyway, must go for now….will maybe update this later with what Velcade will mean….or I might wait till after I start it at the hospital tomorrow!