Life = Fun

Almost four years ago our life was put on halt to begin an aggressive several year treatment regiment, including two bone marrow transplants in the summer of 2010. Three summers after the transplants, we FINALLY feel like Myeloma is starting to show up in the rearview mirror, versus this obstacle we are constantly trying to navigate through.

This summer there have been sparks of normalcy in the Brabbs’ household. We were able to take a family vacation on the west side of Michigan with some close friends and their kids. We had a Brabbs’ family reunion up north over the 4th. We laugh more, we play more, and we are starting to learn how to relax more…although the three kids (7,5,3) make that one most challenging!

In the fun department, I was asked to be part of a UM Football roundtable discussion every week to preview the upcoming Michigan football game with two other old timer football alums. We had our first segment this week, and I had a blast. Not sure people care what “the kicker” thinks on the topic of Michigan football, but I am enjoying the comradery with Doug Skene (89-92) and Ron Simpkins (76-79). Here’s the first segment:

For all those excited about the upcoming football season…GO BLUE!