Lets succumb together…

I have my man home and it feels good. Today I am choosing un-eventful. I am happy to succumb together with my husband. We will read the Sunday papers, catch up on our recorded TV programmes and have a good old fashioned Sunday.

Does anyone else remember Sundays before the 1994 Sunday Trading Act?

I have fond memories of black and white films being watched as a family, bellies full of Sunday roast and someone usually snoring in a chair in the corner.

Today will be one of those without the Sunday Lunch. Instead I must find a recipe for using up left over loin of venison. My lovely brother brought us this yesterday and I must admit I cooked it to perfection (searing it quickly in a pan then 8 mins in the oven), with a red wine jus, not that I could quite honestly taste it but I was delighted to see it being enjoyed by Colin.

I think we lost something valuable as a country when Sunday became a normal shopping day rather than a day for family, rest and relaxation. The freedom of some to shop or use other services on Sundays comes at the expense of those who have to work to serve them when they might want to spend time with their families.

In todays society do we really need everything open 24/ 7 ? We are living faster and more intensely than ever before, surely we need a sanity day when it all shuts down and we are forced to take a days rest?

Do you think the current work, work, work lifestyle we have is too intense, is not good for your health, and is detrimental to family life?

Many people don’t, most surveys show people actually want the current 6 hrs shops are allowed to trade on a Sunday to be extended.

I must admit I do occasionally shop on a Sunday and find it as crowded as any other day of the week. Perhaps going back to the olden days is a restriction on people’s freedom and not in line with today’s society, at least here in the UK.

This could promote quite a debate.

The Bone household will however be having an old fashioned Sunday at least for one weekend only……

……Oh but does that exclude shopping on line?

Try and have a day of rest and enjoy some family time.

Happy Sunday


Scores on the board

Physical health = 5 ( cold, sore throat and aching bones contributing to an increase in rating).
Mental health = 4

Physical health = 4 no further chest pain to report thank goodness
Mental health = 8 the anxiety of the thought of having an angiogram and then possibly a stent plays heavily on his mind.

I fear some therapy may be in order …….. Kate where are you? We are in need of your far superior hypnotherapy skills.

Please see top of page for scoring system explanation.