Lets all meet up ………

…. in the year  2000  2013  at the fountain down the road.
” Her name was Deborah but it never suited her”
And that is just the added bonus.
Jarvis and us
The heat just got a whole lot hotter!
Phones are ringing, flash camera’s are at the ready, Wednesday is going to be one hell of a night.
They won’t know what’s hit them when these 2 girls hit the town.
Now I was going to post here a picture of Kate and I from the 70′s but the fear of abandonment and shear horror has forced me to re-consider. I can’t risk that a certain couple of hot male species are not reading this and a sudden withdrawal of invites would be SO disappointing.
Unfortunately beetle juice insertion is coming in the way today, but tomorrow,  I am off to Essex to find the perfect costume (and possibly a fake tan?) for the night out.
Ooh I do hope these guys don’t disappoint after all this effort!