Let me guess: Is it a potty?

Every year I volunteer to help with field day at WCK’s school. I don’t think I’m really cut out for field day, but I try. The past two years I have been stationed out in the blazing sun at the following stations:

Year One: The “Let’s All ‘Accidentally’ Throw Tennis Balls Into the Woods” game.
Year Two: Some kind of relay race involving giant buckets of water. My mind has repressed all other details of this.

This year I was thrilled — thrilled — to be stationed in the dry, air-conditioned indoors at the Pictionary station. Yes, Pictionary is now an official field day event. Field day is much more elaborate at WCK’s school than it was at my school back in the ’80s. I vaguely remember running around a track and perhaps jumping. These days, there are about 1,000* events at an elementary school field day. There could have been a Partridge Family Board Game station somewhere in there for all I know.  I was extremely focused on the Pictionary, so I’m not sure what all of the other events were. I could see a mini-golf station across from me, and I was right in front of the “Dance Party U.S.A.” station, which kept playing “Party Rock Anthem” over and over. And over.

Still, I really enjoyed the Pictionary station. It was both frustrating and joyfully hilarious at the same time. The smallest kids didn’t seem to understand that the object of the game is to get your team to guess the picture quickly. When their team would guess, they’d get upset because they wanted to finish drawing the picture. And I learned that when boys ask if they can draw a picture that’s not listed on the card, they will draw a potty. Every dang time.

*This is possibly not the correct number