Lazy Sunday

Yesterday we decided to move on and be really adventurous. This time we drove all the way to…..Peterborough, approximately 50 miles from home and goodness knows where the hospital is?  That’s a sign of confidence in my fellow travellers as to how well I am appearing. This time last week it was touch and go if we were even going to get away together at all.

Last night we were joined by William (my brother-in-law) for a fish and chip supper. Last weekend him and Colin cycled together around the lake here. I must admit I haven’t ventured much further than the toilet block but apparently we are on part of a very pretty nature reserve and next door to the Neve Valley Railway which runs a steam train every few hours. (luckily not thoughout the night!).

Today will be a lazy Sunday, sitting around reading magazines and enjoying a cooked breakfast and probably yet more scones with clotted cream. I am sure I would never get away with this if it wasn’t for the cancer. It’s funny because it wasn’t long ago I was complaining of not being able to do much other than lie around, somehow this has always been much more appealing in the motor home. Perhaps it’s being away from home where your not surrounded by all the jobs you think you ought to be doing. The slow release morphine tablets I am now on, are doing a really good job of killing the pain so I am feeling much brighter in myself which maybe you can tell through my writing?


I look forward to being well enough to travel abroad again and I am hoping that will be sometime later this year. I may find out more when I see the consultant on Tuesday. I am certainly hoping to get a date for the stem cell harvesting.

Every time I think of the stem cell harvesting, I want to sing ‘We plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the land’ The Miranda moments are returning, a true sign of my current mental health state! I wrote to Jarvis a few weeks ago, whilst high on steroids and whilst being fully immersed in Miranda mode, quoting songs I was going to sing him whilst standing on the table, funnily enough I haven’t heard from him since!

Next week party plans will be full steam ahead and the invitations WILL be prepared and sent out, bar any further health problems. Feeling a bit brighter I think I will enjoy a period of convalescing and maybe even get back to that painting I started, which seems such a long time ago now.