Law of the Universe

I’ve discovered a new Law of the Universe: Whenever WCK has a much coveted, highly delicious, one-of-a-kind food item that cannot be replaced, she will drop that item on the floor before she eats it.
And I will pick it up off the ground and just let her keep eating it, because it is one-of-a-kind.
Example One: The first- and second-grade drama club had a little “cast party” after their last play. The teacher made a point in telling us that there were only 10 cupcakes — highly delicious chocolate cupcakes with blindingly colorful frosting — which meant that there was exactly one cupcake per child. After you got your one cupcake, there are no more cupcakes.
And WCK promptly dropped hers on the carpet, frosting-side down.
And I promptly leapt to the rescue, invoked the two-second rule, and let her keep eating it, right in front of some School Parents I’d just met. Mother of the Year!
Example Two: We were at a kids’ cooking class at a local grocery store this morning. WCK spent an hour toiling over a homemade Pop-Tart with chocolate filling. The Pop-Tarts came out of the oven. WCK carefully frosted it, and then the big moment arrived: It was time to eat the Pop-Tart.
And WCK promptly dropped it on the floor.
I scooped it up, this time in front of people who I’ve known for a long time, people who don’t judge me for feeding my kid Floor Food. The class instructor did reassure me that the floor had just been mopped right before the class started. If the floor had been filthy, though, would that have stopped me? I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m not sure if I can challenge a Law of the Universe.