Lavender’s blue, dilly, dilly.

So what have we been up to this week? Mike is generally well, the regime has built up over the last few months and he finds himself a bit tired, without a sense of taste, and generally numb all over. He spoke to one of the haematology doctors and it was decided to continue as there is only one Velcade dose left.

Yesterday (a day late) we got out the next hair colour. Again people were given a chance to choose via FB, between green and lilac, lilac won. No one wanted green. 

After showing him the rainbow unicorn My Little Pony, Mike INSISTED on having stripes. Luckily there was plenty of pink in the bottle from last week. 

I just went for the lilac. I’m not sure if it is my hair, but the colour just doesn’t seem to be as intense as it is on Mike’s.

Next week we have a choice of two different blues:

Peacock Blue or Bubblegum Blue.

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