Latest test results

I had my tests May 23rd at Tenn. Oncology.  It took a while to get results both because I was busy with a trial and I wanted them by mail to not be distracted.    I got them on their email site wednesday and by mail yesterday.

My anemia is trending in the wrong direction.  My hematicrit, HGB and total RBC are the lowest so far.   My kappa/lambda FLC ratio is also unfortunately the highest yet.  I have IGG Kappa Pre-Myeloma… which is the new buzz word!!!  I think?    Oh well,!

On a happier trial note, my client was found not guilty of murder.  He was an over the road truck driver who was accused of having Methampetamines in his system prior to the fatal  accident.   The Commonwealth failed to prove their case and he was convicted of Reckless  Homicide and released upon an ankle monitor until final sentencing.  His institution jail credit will insure his parole in all liklihood.

I am trying to enjoy the knowledge of a job well done and the respect and admiration of my peers to make up for the unpleasant test results!