Latest Numbers all is "stable"

Sorry I have taken so long to report my latest results from UAMS.  I got great news although my numbers have been creeping up,  I am still stable according to Dr. Z!!!!!

Wonderful news…..I was frankly scared to death…..I did have a battle with my new insurance
Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield they refused to pay for my PET scan… no pet scan…..
they told my dr. it was experimental/research and would not pay.

Anthem is the same people that told my sister in law when my brother had myeloma….”Face it your husband is going to die, we are not paying for his next stem cell transplant.”  Bastard medical review board members, wonder how they would feel if they got cancer and their insurance refused to fucking pay!  I understand how people wig out and hurt the ones who hurt them.

I am back on regular local testing and going back to Little Rock…..knock on wood… in December of

I have been so busy trying cases, had a trial right before Thanksgiving, went down in flames.  A very racist county with very racist jurors!