Last Sunday’s Walk for Multiple Myeloma

On behalf of my family, we would like to thank each and every one of you who walked with us on Sunday, June 22. And another thank you to those that contributed towards this cause so close to our hearts. The timing for this amazing day couldn’t be any better. Not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was perfect for a walk.  Although Tony is not feeling the greatest, my trooper of a husband wouldn’t miss this day for the world. After our team photo, his speech to everyone moved us all. His reference to Lou Gehrig during his battle with cancer, referring to his words back then, how Lou Gehrig said he was the luckiest man in the world. Tony couldn’t see it then. But, on Sunday, with tears in his eyes and a choke in his voice, he told us all how lucky he was, and knew it, meant it, realized it. Yes, we are truly lucky to have so many friends and wonderful cousins, extended family, a brother and sister and their spouses who really aren’t considered “inlaws”. And of course, our new Multiple Myeloma friends, caregivers, doctors and the entire oncology staff at Princess Margaret Hospital. Our team, GEMM Team, (82 + walkers) collectively raised $31,133 to date as I type and still counting. The entire Multiple Myeloma group raised over $540,000 and still counting. Way to go everyone!!! 
From Tony, Michael, Robert and myself, with lots of love, we thank you for all your support.