Last night with my buddy

The bag comes off tomorrow! So far feeling ok, just have that foggy groggy feeling and my taste buds are all wonky. My appetite is still strong thanks to the dex, so we'll see how that goes over the next couple of days after I "come down". I've just been resting and sleeping a lot, not such a bad way to pass the time when it's over 100 degrees outside! My dad tells me 109 expected tomorrow. Oy.

Had a long trip to the clinic today, waited 2 hours just in the waiting room. Pretty quick once we got back though thanks to Teresa, who is one of the sweet transplant nurses. I wasn't expecting to get back to the transplant section, but she told me they take all patients back there when transplants are slow. I didn't miss the creamed corn smell, that's for sure!

So tomorrow I come off the bag then I expect to feel crappy for a few days as I drop the water weight I've gained from the dex. I hate being puffy and red, but c off the dex is too much fun either. I already warned my APN she better order up some fluids for me!

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