Last Night in the Villa.

We leave here tomorrow for a Residence Inn for a few days … the villa was already rented for the 24th onward.  I’m a bit sad to leave this place, oddly.  It’s become a nice, warm home in the past few months, and the site of several life milestones.

I just need to keep reminding myself that the wifi sucked.

Kind of clock watching at this point.  I almost wish I had flown Amy and Ari out Monday night, or at least made a reservation I could change.  I’m going to want to blaze town right after my appointment Monday if I’m released to go home, not wait here another night.  Driving with a toddler, however, doesn’t quite work like that.  On the bright side I have a secret plan if he says I can safely eat in restaurants again … there’s a Z Tejas Grill here (several actually) just like they used to have on the north side of Park Meadows near my office (now some average Thai place with above average pad se lew).  I *loved* that restaurant and was traumatized when it closed.

So if I can’t hit the road, at least I may be able to get some good cornbread and some catfish beignets.  Life’s little victories.