Labs, Blood Transfusion, and a Visit With My Oncologist – April 2 2012

Jani packed a lunch and snacks for me to take and Ann Henderson drove me to UCH and dropped me off for my 10:30 AM appointment in the BIC. The BIC was hopping busy this morning and every available space (8) was filled. After Autumn did my vital signs and weight (158 with clothes) RN Sarah got my labs drawn from my PICC Line and ordered up the first unit of blood for my blood transfusion this morning.

My labs are all abnormal. My white blood cell count has drifted down again to 1.5 (norms 4-11.1); my hemoglobin is 7.9 (norms 12.1-16.3) and I will be getting 2 units of blood this morning; my platelets are 42 (norms 150-400) is low, but I will not be needing a platelet transfusion this morning.

My Absolute Neutrophil Count is 1.1 (norms 1.8-6.6) so I will continue to be careful by wearing a mask and staying away from crowds.