Labs are all good!!


Going into month 4 of being off Dex and Velcade, my Kappa and Lambda light chains are normal. Ratio is at 1.08, so that’s great.

I am very happy with this. I’m really hoping I can squeak out at least the 6 months. I’m pretty sure my doctor, who’s quite conservative, would start treatment right away even with a small increase. And I agree. Others may not being I’m not doing any maintenance.

In the past , it’s worked better for me to go off all chemo while I can. That may not be true down the road. But I’m not down that road yet.

In other news, my sister and her 3 daughters ,show up tomorrow. First night , dinner is chili with corn tortillas and pintos with tortillas for the veges.

Then next night I’m planning butternut squash soup and a big chopped salad. WE’re going out to the winery for lunch and wine tasting.

Another night I’m grilling some chicken, and then there will be a taco night( I think).

Then this coming week is my doctor appointment. it’s so nice to just get the results on the e-portal. So much easier and less stressful.

Tonight is Friday night pizza.  A pepperoni and sausage and peppers and a cheese one.