Lab Values, Dr. Visit, Velcade, and Review of Carfilzomid – October 23 2012

Up early in the dark for my trip to St. Luke’s Hospital MSTI (Mountain States Tumor Institute) in Twin Falls, Idaho. Left early because it snowed yesterday and so I could go more slowly watching for critters (deer, moose, elk) in the road, but I didn’t encounter any.

My blood draw went well and I was careful to hold the site for 5 minutes afterwards since I expected that my platelets were improving, but still below normal.

My white blood cells were almost normal at 4.4 (norms 4.5-11); hemoglobin normal at 12.3 (norms 12-15); and my platelets were up from 80 last week to a normal of 149 (norms 140-440). So, my bone marrow is recovering from the Zolinza (vorinostat) in these values.
My creatinine was lower at 1.16 (norms 0.52-1.04) from 1.47 last week on 10/16/2012 and 1.20 on 10/20/2012. My BUN remains normal at 11 (norms 7-170. So, it appears that my kidney function tests are on the mend. I will continue to drink lots of fluids daily (3,000 to 3,500 ml).

My LDH is soaring at 993 (norms 313-618) – goes well with the relapse.

After my labs were back, I saw Dr. Padavanija and nurse Kendi. They have been working on getting insurance approval for the Carfilzomib (Kyprolis)