Lab Results – May 3 2012

Had a lot of labs drawn today in preparation for the 2nd autologous stem cell transplant if my bone marrow biopsy results are satisfactory for the transplant.

My white blood cell count is 4.3 (norms 4-11.1) which is absolutely NORMAL for the first time ever. My hemoglobin remains low at 9.4 (norm 12.1-16.3) and my platelets are low, but good for me at 111 (norms 150-400) which means I continue on full dose Fragmin injections (15,000 units) daily.

My immunoglobulin G is good at 406 (remember, this is the blood test that the norms don’t really apply to me) since my cancer is reflected by HIGH values of immunoglobulin G.
My LDH is fine at 162.
They ran a bone marrow transplant panel and I’m non- reactive to all of the viruses they test for except CMV. However, they tell me almost everyone