Lab Results March 12 2012

My lab results just prior to my Velcade subcutaneously and Dex intravenously March 12 2012. My white blood cell count is low at 3.2 (norms 4-11.1). My hemoglobin is NORMAL at 12.6 (norms 12.1-16.3) and my platelets are low at 112 (norms 150-400).
My white blood cell differential (types of white blood cells) are pretty normal, except my lymphocytes are a little low at 13.5 (norms 20-50).
My LDH remains within normal limits March 12 2012
My 24 hour urine results – not sure how to interpret. Still need the urine protein fractionation for the 24 hour urine and not sure how long this takes.My SPEP Results from March 8 2012 are still not completed.