Kytril, please

P would sometimes tell me that I speak too soon.
Two days ago, I said I declined the nausea med, kytril…. Well, the next day, I took it and shall be doing so. Never can know how we react each time we restart a treatment! But just be thankful we have all the help we need to handle most situations. I also reported to the doc about the warmish feeling in the evening and asked if I should still take the dexa as he prescribed. He said this mild fever is expected for Vidaza and it is not the start of an infection, so it’s safe to do dexa for 3 days. Well, I will be looking forward to the super-charged up feeling and maximize on this! Since I have a very special meeting coming up next Saturday, my doc helpfully suggest that I can keep one dose for next week so I can have another bout of “high”!
How wonderful can this be?