Kyprolis Happened! My Life in Pictures…

KYPROLIS IV Chemo Finally Happened Yesterday…and Today… Forward on to Infinity!

My WBCs improved a bit. Whites up to a “whopping” 2.4 .. LOL!
ANC up to a “huge” 1.4.. LOL!
Platelets considered “Adequate”
RBCs only 3.64
Etc Etc Etc.
Here we go. Hello Chemo Lab: Mon Tues. Mon Tues. Mon Tues. One week off. Repeat to Infinity…  

Enough words. I’ve bombarded this blog with way too much text recently!
Here’s my life in pictures. Thank you for reading, caring,
commenting, and following my cancer adventures. I don’t know who many
of my readers are (unless you leave me a comment :), but I thank you for your interest in my crazy myeloma
cancer story…

So scaredy cat me braved up Nov 9, 2015 and in I went. Hoping my low low low immune system would perk up just enough to hook up. Such a symbolic moment for me, as it brings back all my memories of my 2010 IV chemo infusions and my COH inpatient horrors, I mean life saving challenges and experiences!
I only had an Ensure several hours before going, as… well you know, I’m a GI side effect wimp! The medical staff wasn’t happy I didn’t have anything in me, but oh well, that’s me. They said, drink this, eat these, take this… I complied :)

So in the IV went. Bags of helpful hydration hooked up. 
Small dose of Dex down the hatch.

 Begin the bags of life saving chemicals 
Coursing thru my veins,
Saving life, but killing at the same time. O the irony…

Kyprolis attached and ready to attack!
That brown bag…so symbolic. 
And then, that emotional lump in my throat happened.
I get weepy, but I pushed it down,
pushing away painful past memories,
accepting painful new realities…
 I powered forward 

 Hello Kyprolis!
Get in there like “PacMen” and
Pummel and Gobble up all those evil, 
waste of time myeloma cells!

 Yep, be SCARED myeloma cells

 How Jim does “chemo support” lol!

 No super powers for sure, 
just cancer killing power!

 I’m not always very brave
Nor that courageous
I just do what I know I have to do
To STAY alive

This beautiful “Mare’s tails” sky I’m able to see
Still so very lucky me
One view, one day, one moment, deep breaths…
One chemo treatment at a time

And so
I dream forward…
Hoping one day to ride the whistling Wind
Bask in the wilds, warmed by radiant Sun
Or guided by the glistening Moon’s glowing flashlight
Or splashed by hooves galloping the salty Beach
Or just circling my backyard, my arms embracing
Absorbing the sweet scent of Horse
Hearing, Feeling, Carried by hoof beats gently pounding the Earth
Hello Kyprolis round #2 onward to infinity! I’m coming for you. And you get in my blood stream and do your magical medical chemical job of annihilating myeloma! Give me back my life!
Live happy,
live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something
as often as you can!