Knitting for Others with Smelly Socks

Altruistic knitting continues apace!  I have finished my Glasgow School Mitts – woo hoo! However, as these are a “swap” knit, I can’t reward myself for knitting them as I will be getting something in return anyway :)

Next in the gift-knit line (and eligible for self-bribery!) is the Spirograph headband (pictured far below), which stalled when I ran out of yarn.  There was a further hiccup when the shop sent me the wrong shade of grey.  I decided to keep the mistaken ball to knit yet another gifty hat:  Edda by Lisa Mutch.  Very hipster-looking! The mistake ball is the same shade of grey (though not the same brand) as the pattern.  This is already well underway – there’s not much to it, really.

Edda – photo by Juju Vail

And as if I needed another hat project, Anne Hanson (Knitspot) has just published a fab slouchy beanie pattern, Stromming.  Just right for The Boy!  And I have some lovely MCN DK in the stash which will be perfect for it.

Stromming – photo by Knitspot, LLC

So that’s my next three altruistic knits sorted.  And I have already purchased my reward: three bars of handmade soap from Future Primitive.  In case you think I shouldn’t have bought them until I finished the knitting, can I just point out that I am not allowed to unwrap and inhale until each item is complete?! 

I discovered this handmade soap company just before Christmas, and I popped a sample bar in with several hand-knitted presents.  Do you store smelly soap in your sock / lingerie drawers?  I do!  And I had run out because I needed to actually use the soap.  I only kept one Christmas sample for “me” and it is already in action by the kitchen sink:  “Candlemaker” is a quite medicinal-smelling blend of essential oils, which is perfect for garlicky / fishy fingers.

For my reward soaps I chose the following:

Lemonade Lounger: “Sweet, tangy lemons and lemon leaves soaked in a Vanilla bean broth with a hint of garden soil”  This one has May Chang essential oil in it – the “happy scent”, which I love.

The Voodoo You Do:  “Oodles and Oodles of Tea Roses with a scattering of Chocolate-coated Honeycomb surrounded by whisps of smouldering amber resin and lovers incense.”  Mmmmm.

7 Sins:  “Banana cake infused with Ginger, topped with Vanilla Frosting and drizzled with melted Dark Chocolate. Toasted Madagascan Vanilla bean with a dribble of Honey and finished with a scattering of Hot Buttered Popcorn.” Just yummy!

The last two are Valentine’s Day specials, so will only be available for a limited time.
No, I’m afraid you can’t eat them… though they are vegan :)