Knitting Doggerel

Time for a catch-up. There has been nothing but Me-Made May and finished objects around here – tsk! ;)

This is my waiting room knitting.  You know Karina Westermann don’t you? She has just released the first pattern in her Doggerland collection and I have signed up for the KAL in her Ravelry group.

The Ronaes Shawl has been on my “must-knit” list ever since I saw Karie wearing hers at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival. I am using the Shetland laceweight handspun I bought from a shed at the side of the road on the West Coast. It still reeks of sheep and I love it!

However, after three and a half hours in the waiting room, in  sauna-like conditions, my hands were coated with a thick layer of lanolin and I was all counted-out.  FL even resorted to reading the pattern when he had had enough of Tacitus. He said I was knitting doggerel.   (No offence, Karie – he just loves a bad pun!)

I need a short break from short rows after that marathon.
So this evening I will return to the Willowherb sock by Rachel Coopey. It is flowing off the needles in a very pleasing way. Although I can’t predict the chart, but have to read every row as I come to it, the meandering lace pattern has a cohesion that I love. It makes sense. Hoorah! The Lioness Arts bfl sock wool has revealed a lot more purplish handpainting as it is knitted up than appeared in the skein – lovely!

My Lonely Tree (Brambles) shawl had to take a back seat while I waited for new needles. I knitted a whole ball of the JC Rennie chunky aran before running out of space on a pair of nasty “free with a magazine” plastic straights. I am not a needle snob, but the varnish has worn off, leaving a rough and sticky surface, which makes them really unpleasant to touch. Yuck! I ordered a Knitpro Spectra interchangeable mini-set, with three sizes of point and three lengths of cable and can’t wait to get going again.

But where are all those cardigans you planned to knit in May, Roo? Errr… yeah. I don’t know why I suddenly stopped knitting the back of my “Learn to Knit Love to Knit” cardigan. I think it was to prioritise FL’s birthday socks. I need to pick that up again, because it was looking good the last time I saw it.

And the Kex blanket? Another casualty of birthday sock syndrome, but eminently pick-up-able, and the love is definitely still there!

Sewing?  I have thoughts to share… watch this space!