Knitting ADHD and a Plea to Yarn Lovers

I still have not stopped hyperventilating over Learn to Knit Love to Knit.
See these little cardigans?  Double-knitting, mostly stocking stitch… but look at those lovely stitch details at the raglan edges and down the sleeves!
If I had any double-knitting yarn in the house I would have cast on already.  But I don’t.  Oops.  I may have to change that situation soon.

That is the practical option for “which Big Thing to knit next”.
Here is the wild one:
Tartan!  Knitted tartan!
OK, quite a lot of my obsession with this garment is being skewed by the gorgeousness of the model.  If I had that eyeliner and that lipstick and perfect black Audrey Hepburn hair and brown eyes I would look exactly like her in that sweater!  Err… no.
But imagine the fun I would have knitting it!  The hours spent with colourcharts before I even managed to match or substitute all those shades of wool!  The original is a mix of  J&S and JC Rennie shetland wools.  So naturally I was thinking of using Alba Yarn.
But – I just went to look at the website for The Wool Shed and see that it may have to close down soon.  Nooooooooo!
Does anyone out there have the time / money / skills to take on a retail wool business in rural Aberdeenshire, next door to a busy craft centre and restaurant?  It is such a wonderful place, it would be such a loss to the area if it were to close. I wish I could do it myself!  (N.B. I can’t.  Don’t even think about it, Roo.)
Details on the website hereETA:  the “can you help” message has been taken down.  I hope this is good news!
Now I feel quite deflated.
Here is what I have been knitting:  the first Glasgow School Mitt.
The top picture is a truer colour.
Mitt 2 is in progress.