Knit and Rip, with two FOs

A quick update on my knitting.
If you follow me on Instagram (theroobeedoo) you will already have seen these pictures.

I finished the Coop Knits Mystery Knitalong Sock, Curiosa.

It is a beautiful pattern with undulating twisted stitches.  Rather Art Nouveau, I think.
I used Regia sock yarn and I was not blown away on this occasion – one of the two balls was kinda fuzzy and felted and that sock is rough to the touch.  I suppose I could complain to Regia but it was very cheap (£1.59 a ball?) so perhaps it was a dud batch.

I started two other socks and they both had to be frogged.

My first Hermione’s Everyday Sock in Knitting Goddess Yarn turned out to be ginormous, for no reason I can identify.


And then there was a Cable and Rib sock using my last precious Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop handspun…

The yarn was very seriously over-spun, and kept spiralling back on itself.  This was annoying enough, but the resultant fabric was as stiff as a cheese grater and no good for socks.  At all.

I have no socks on the needles now. 
Can you believe it?  Me neither!
Must fix that tonight.

In happier knitting news, I finished my Tailspin Shawl by Josh Ryks, Sword of a Knitter / GeoKnittrix

I used Knitting Goddess mini skeins in an amazing Blackened Rainbow colourway, on a background of Same Difference sock yarn in “Bigger on the Inside”.
Not quite big enough, I ran out of yarn and had to omit the final section of the pattern.  This was my own fault.  I was being stubborn. 
Imagine a final section of black / navy after that purple kite stripe?
That would have been the icing on the cake.  But I am a cheapskate and stopped when my yarn ran out.  It is still a generously-sized shawl and I love the colours.

I had another shawl on the needles – another Curl, the Fulvous.

Note the past tense.
Almost every single stitch in that laceweight silk (Dye for Yarn)was worked through the back loop.


So I have no shawl on the needles either.
Get a grip Roo – cast something on, why don’t you?

Oh…ok then :)