Kitchen Remodel – Eventually

I convinced my wife I had no time to remodel the kitchen, but if we waited two years until I retired – I should have much more time.  I retired a year ago, but moving grandma to assisted living, preparing and selling her house (and the estate sale) was a significant delay.  Replacing an upstairs bedroom carpet became a room remodel, and then sprucing up our stair well was another detour. 

Old Stairwell
New Stairwell

I learned that the roof of our rental house needed attention before the rainy season begins – the kitchen would have to wait a little longer while we do that repair (and extend the roof over the deck).  And then we can remodel the kitchen – except we plan to have visitors for most of December, should we begin tearing the kitchen apart this late in September?

I have a new website.  I wanted it up and running in time to show pictures from my favorite annual car event (which is also my favorite photo event) – Cruising McMinnville, formally known as I Dragged The Gut in McMinnville.  Missing my deadline would be like releasing a new Christmas movie in January. 

This event is unique for me because I get to take low light, slow shutter pictures of classic (and other) cars driving on the street, resulting in still pictures that convey motion.

Showing motion – like this

I wanted a website where I could show my pictures, and if anyone was interested, a picture could easily be purchased as a digital download.  After posting pictures on my new site, I began seeing them on the internet. People were simply saving screen shots and re-posting, so I branded the pictures with watermarks.  I don’t have delusions of fame and riches from my pictures, but at this point in this digital world, how can I show/share my pictures online without essentially giving them away?  I saw one of my pictures copied, edited, and re-posted on Face Book as if the copier was the original photographer.  He posted it with complimentary words, I left a reply that it was also one of my favorite pictures from the event.

I was taking pictures at a local car show this summer, getting in very close for details in some shots.  The owner of one car approached and asked rather accusingly what I was doing.  I told him I was taking pictures.  He said he’d never seen anyone taking pictures like that (so close to the car).  He harrumphed quietly and walked away before I could reply – then you’ve never seen pictures like mine!

If you visit my new site,, you’ll currently find mostly car pictures, but be sure to check the Fireworks Galleries.

My last cancer check / blood test said the previous wobble in my Multiple Myeloma numbers was not a change in direction or status.  I continue testing for the cause of my constant sinus drainage and the resulting effects – currently we are eliminating(?) food allergies from the suspect list.

The living have much to do!