Kindness from a stranger

After we arrived at Stuttgart, we went for dinner at a nearby cafe and had a satisfactory meal. As we walked back to the hotel we quickly stopped by the supermarket but alas we were 2 minutes after closing time.  The cashier (rudely) shooed us off with a wave of his hand even though we said we needed to get some water, the bottles were in sight. He refused and we walked away. We went up the escalator and walked along the street towards our hotel.

Unknown to us, a young German lady who left the supermarket at the same time with her supplies, was trailing behind us – soon approached and offered a bottle of water to us!!! What kindness and generosity. Ahhh… this I rather remember of the Stuttgart-ians. Of course we are not far from our hotel and we could easily get water but we cannot refuse her kindness. She was all intended to show the best side of the Germans and we acknowledge her good desire to leave pleasant memories for tourists. What a lovely start to our visit to Stuttgart.