It is the last day of our holiday, and I thought it was time to reveal the full extent of this little project of mine, the Kex Blanket.

There are four slices of this yarn gateau, sandwiched together with  3 layers of heather jam, and wrapped all the way round with heather icing.

Two slices are in the current colour combination, but alternating slices are dark blue, light blue and claret. 

As I type, I realise I may be one colour short.  Lucky this wasn’t a longer holiday!  I need to go home and count out my balls of wool.

Yeah.  This is a big piece of knitting.
I hope to complete that first layer of jam tonight.
It is doing a good job of warming my knees already!

Thank you to everyone who has joined us on our fun-packed holiday here on Skye! 

FL is a lot better, but his antibiotics have run out and he is still coughing.  No toothache though – hooray!

Me?  I have just started to cough… noooooo!