Keep Drinkin’ That Dew!

I picked up Diane today in the ‘57 and drove to my appointment with the Oncologist.  This was a follow up to my last set of x-rays.  The Doc had good news.  She said the x-rays look good, all the blood numbers are good (as in no change), and the M-Protein number that had increased and prompted the substitute doc (in for my vacationing doc) to send me for x-rays may have been a false alarm due to the fact that the lab that usually tests my blood gives the resulting number only to the tenths as in 1.2, but the lab that tested this time reports to the hundredth, as in 1.29; so, the 1.2 could have been up to 1.24 all along (assuming they round up at .05) making the increase to 1.29 extremely small.  That’s the longest sentence I have written in a while, I almost had to rest my arms.  The doctor said just keep drinking that Mountain Dew and come back in three months.  Okay, that’s not a direct quote.  She said to keep doing what ever it is I’m doing and come back in 3 months.  If I’m still in your prayers, thank you.

Egyptian Mt Dew