Just look at the time & Pain Special.

I used to try and get this blog out in time for people like my brother, who caught the early morning train. Then it was in time for my sister who wanted to read it with her breakfast after sorting out the horses. Now it seems it is more likely to be up ready for people to catch up with it in their lunch times.

Last evening and again this morning I received a couple of emails with ideas and useful suggestions for helping me to manage the pain I am experiencing. This is very timely as my pain seems to be getting worse and lasting longer which I didn’t think possible.

The email was from a GP who I don’t personally know but has read my blog, finding it through a twitter contact. I still marvel at the power of the net.

I am very grateful to her and know that some people reading my blog regularly, also suffer from chronic pain, I am sure she would be more than happy for me to share her wisdom and ideas with you.

The first is Magnesium -this important mineral can be helpful with general aches and pains. It can be used in the bath – Epsom salts are Magnesium sulphate. Put a kilogram in a warm (not too hot) bath and soak for 20 minutes. If it helps- you can get a 25kg sackful from amazon or http://www.justasoap.com. If you have specific muscle aches, BetterYou do a magnesium chloride spray which you can use topically on muscles which ache. The other way is to take magnesium orally but this can be laxative. Magnesium malate is the formulation I recommend. Magnesium can help with sleep too. We often have too much calcium relative to magnesium in the body and with your diagnosis this may well be the case.

The next suggestion is just about testing -I expect your doctors have done this but it’s worth just making sure they have checked your calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12 levels. Low levels of vitamin D are so common in our cloudy climate and can aggravate aches and pains.

To help manage your pain and not let it dominate your life, you may find some tips on
This is a great resource by Pete Moore. There is a work book you can get which can help too

. It comes with a CD to help with relaxation.

Meditation can help lower pain levels. Mindfulness meditation – finding peace in a frantic world” by Penman and Williams -also with a CD includes some helpful calming exercises. By lowering your cortisol and stress hormones , you may find your sleep and pain improve.

There is also a good scaling tool that can be used to measure your pain so here is the link for that.


And last of all some apps to help you sleep and relax can be found at

Last night my lovely sister in law kindly popped around with her husband and a lovely homemade stew and dumplings followed by a little bit naughty but delicious dessert. Unfortunately my pain cut the evening short, it just seems to be spoiling everything nowadays!
Not to worry, my pain nurse is popping in today and I have an appointment with my consultant on Thursday so between us all we should manage to sort this mess out.

I may even get to see my grandson and daughter later who I haven’t seen for a while and I am sure will help me forget the pain alongside my best friend Oramorph.

I hope you have a pain free and happy day today.

Deborah x