Just hate mammograms

They say, ’round here anyway, that after 40, you should have a mammogram every year. Scary thing to take on every year. Some of you may remember my last mammo fiasco of 2008. Maybe not. Reader’s digest version. Mammo saw something, first radiologist hit the panic button. told me I needed another mammo and MRI of both breasts. Never even heard of MRI’ing breasts. Went to a new place, did follow-up pictures and that radiologist told me it was fine, dense breasts. My gyn was still hitting the panic button. I wound up in the hospital 5 or 6 days before Christmas having a sonagram on my left breast, after seeing a breast surgeon who said, “‘lets just and get it done and make sure it’s nothing.” After realizing the tech was measuring things in my left breast, I felt sure I was about to be told I had breast cancer (this was at the end of a nightmare year, actually 2 years, for me) and I burst into tears when she told me it was water cysts and I was OK. I went back a year or so later and have not been since 2010. I went yesterday. What a disaster. Waited a long time to hear the results. This place keeps you there, sitting in your tiny curtained dressing stall, in a gown, waiting for the report.The girls says they need more pics of my left breast. GREAT. Takes 6 more scans, the last 2 being pretty painful. Then, wait again. Now they want a sonagram. I’m about ready to cry. I’m alone. Tim is at Liv’s football game watching her cheer.I have the sonagram. The radiologist comes in with the tech and tells me they see 2 tiny complex cysts in my breast. He says they don’t exhibit a lot of the things that look cancerous. He said they are perfectly round, have no calcifications, show no evidence of having their own blood supply and appear completely, neatly encapsulated. Says come back in 6 months for a re-check. I then tell him, “Look, my husband has multiple myeloma, we have a 14 year old daughter, are you sure that you are very comfortable with me coming back in 6 months, knowing what’s at stake here.” He said yes. They leave, after the tech tells me(even though she’s not supposed to)” I’ve been doing this 17 years, I don’t see anything here that worries me.” I go to the bathroom, and get my shirt on. There is a knock at the door. The doc comes in, says he has looked again, and there is one thing he wants to check again, in light of my situation. They re-sonagram my breast, both of them. The one cyst is 3 mm, the other, 8 or 9. The larger one has one side that is slightly denser or something and he now wants me to have a guided needle biopsy just to be sure. He said he is still not very concerned but wants to be extra careful due to my situation. LOVELY. Well, I do tell them this so that nothing is overlooked. I know I risk this type of extra vigilance. I don’t even remember the drive home(it’s only a few miles) but not good nonetheless. So, after a night in shock, I have calmed down and am trying to just get on with it. Tim goes for an MRI of his neck tomorrow. Still hurting him after over a month and he got rear-ended in my car last week, making it worse. Not a bad rear-ending, but enough to make the neck worse. I have to sit in the same dreaded radiology place with him when all I wanted to do was run outta there the other night after a 2 hour ordeal there. I handle the stress of waiting much better than I did years ago, as I’ve said before. Not gonna change anything. Talked to my sis, who used to have cysts and she said it sounds just like hers.
So, there you have it; another hurdle and health scare in the mix. Gosh, am I sick of them. So, any prayers, good vibes, and well-intentioning are all greatly appreciated. I will keep you posted.