Just because…..

Just because Nick reminded me that I don’t always have to write this when I’m down…..

And despite being ill again with a cold, I’m feeling quite positive today, and very lucky to have such good friends. And I wanted to share that with people. Sometimes I think that a year on, people are bored with the ‘myeloma’ situation that is going on in my life….god I’m bored of it, so everyone else is certainly allowed to be! But this week while I’ve been ill, yet again, everyone has rallied around and helped out with the kids etc so that I haven’t had to overdo it. And I am so grateful to them for that….and so is Nick. So, if you are one of those people, a big big thank you!

Anyway, apart from that, the only news to really tell (that is positive!), is that I’m continuing with my search for fame (honestly, I’m not!). It looks like I might yet be doing some filming re myeloma, and yesterday I went up to the Midlands to my brother in law’s company as Autostyling UK have kindly agreed to be our Sponsors for the Ball. So I coughed my way up there and back, and the end result were the following couple of photos that I think they’re going to use in press up that way, and down here. No-one will miss that orange t-shirt in the paper hey. So a big thank you to Autostyling UK for their VERY generous sponsorship.