Just another long day ….

Well I’m at the hospital again. We got here nice and early in the hope that we could get out by lunchtime and enjoy some of the last sunshine in the local pub. I can’t believe we haven’t learnt our lesson…it’s now 12.30, we’ve been here 3 hours and I havent even had my Zometa and fluids, let lone the velcade!!

Apparently something went funny with my blood so I had to redo them! I have seen the doctor though which is good. She seemed pleased that I’ve been well enough the last two days to clean our patio slabs and surprised that I’ve got the peripheral neuropathy already. It looks like my neutrophils are back down at 0.9 which is very low and means I have to self inject again tomorrow ….don’t like stabbing myself with a needle but looks a necessity for me nowadays. I don’t know my other results yet but will ask for them in a bit!

so at this rate it looks like we could be here for at least 2 more hours…hmmm that’ll be a nice £10-£15 on hospital parking…I swear they delay us on purpose!!

Well, we finally got out 5.5 hours after we walked in, with a £12 parking ticket…..like you said below Sandy, it really isn’t fair, but nevermind….can’t do much about it. We’re lucky that a lot of the time my sister will drop us in (she lives 5-10 minutes round the corner) and pick us up and that helps out loads.

Anyway, I managed to self inject myself no problems today so I no longer have any worries about doing that again in the future. The needle is really thin and you barely feel it go in, so it sounds much worse than it really is!! There has to be one benefit to the stone I’ve put on since I started treatment! The belly is perfect for injections….lol!

I got them to give me my total protein leveles too. Now, as I think I’ve said before, these are not clearly linked to paraprotein levels, but they seem to have been to date for me, and are often used as a cheats method of assessing what the paraprotein (pp)