Just a Quickie….. & Pics :)

Still feeling pretty dang good today. Have a doctors appt for blood draw tomorrow, so we’ll see where the ole RBC’s are hangin after the transfusion. I’ll have a pretty busy day tomorrow as my appt is at 1:00 pm…..and it’s the appt where I get all my monthly scrips written, so afterwards I’ll have to stop at the pharmacy and have them filled and then get home as the TV cable guy will be here between 5-7, as the DVR crapped out about 3 days ago, so I’ve had to watch TV in my bedroom for the last few days. I’ve added a couple of new photos today that I took on 6-18-09, so that was 13 days ago. Wanted to give you an update on the hair and then I happened to be wearing this little T-shirt type top I bought at a bar when we were on our cruise in November. It was called the “Blue Bitch Bar” and we ate there for lunch (also a photo of that farther down near the cruise photos). I hadn’t worn the shirt till the day I took these photos. Thought it was such a hoot, I wanted to share :)